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Yinchuan Travel Guide

Yinchuan, the city and capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is located in the heart of the Ningxia Plain, with the Yellow River in the east and Mt. Helan in the west. It can be found between the mountains and deserts of Gansu to the west and the rolling grasslands of Inner Mongolia to the east. Yinchuan covers an area of 4,399 square kilometers and is 1,110 meters above sea level. It rapidly develops as a center of tourism, trade, finance, economy, culture, transportation, technology and science in the northwestern China.Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, lies to the west of the Yellow River and to the east of Helan Mountain.

Yinchuan is a multi-nationality city including Han, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, and Chaoxian peoples. Among them, the Hui people account for 26.3 percent of the total population and they have maintained the traditional folk customs and life style that are unique to other ethnic group.A brilliant culture has contributed to Yinchuan being a famous tourist city. There are over 60 historical sites including mosques, pagodas, pavilions, temples, and imperial tombs as well as natural scenery such as Helan Mountain, Sand Lake, and Shapotou. China Western Film Studio is also worth a visit when you go there.



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