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Bayanbulak Grassland Travel Guide

Situated at the foot of Tianshan Mountain in the northwest of Hejing County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Bayanbulak Grassland is a great prairie boasting luxuriant verdant grass, numerous flocks of sheep and varied plants, etc, making it the second largest grassland in China. Actually, Bayanbulak means 'abundant spring' in Mongolian. Being a far-flung and level prairie, it abounds in varieties of grass, and is studded with numerous lakes, large and small, and is surrounded by mountains. The prairie teems with Yanqi Tianshan horses, Bayabulak dawei (large tail) sheep, Chinese meilinu sheep and yak (otherwise known as the 'tableland tank'), known as its 'Four Treasures'.

In midsummer, flowers are in full bloom, vying with each other in beauty; flocks of sheep graze leisurely, resembling white clouds floating in the blue sky; yurts - circular domed tents used by Mongolian nomads - stud the landscape like the snow lotus of Tianshan Mountain.

The well-known Swan Lake is located in the prairie. In fact it is many small lakes and is the only nature reserve for swans in China. Every year, around April, swans and other rare birds return from the south to live and breed here. At that time, it is quite exciting to witness the splendid spectacle of the sky full of flying swans.In the sun, flying swans, glittering lakes, surrounding peaks and clouds altogether create a picturesque and breathtaking view.

Nadam Fair, a big event on the prairie, is held from June 4th to 6th in the lunar calendar every year. At this time, locals and tourists are entertained by various activities such as horse racing, wrestling, dancing, singing and archery. It is a good opportunity to experience local customs.