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Essence of Xinjiang Kanas Lake&Kashgar 12-days Tour

Essence of Xinjiang Kanas Lake&Kashgar 12-days Tour
Tour Code:SLNO23

Travel Route


Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Urumqi
Sites Visited: Xinjiang Museum,Erdaoqiao Market & International Bazaar
You are picked up by our tour guide at the airport and then start your trip from Xinjiang Museum. Xinjiang Regional Museum is a large integrated museum and centre housing the collection and study of cultural relics in Xinjiang.The Erdaoqiao Bazaar is the largest in Urumqi. You'll find a bustling market filled with fruit, clothing, crafts, knives, carpets and almost anything that you can imagine.

Day 2 Urumqi/Burqin
Sites Visited: Burqin Colorful Beach
Drive along the No. 216 Road to Burqin Colorful Beach with a view of desert, gobi and mountain.
Burqin Colorful Beach is actually referring to the banks of a river that has desert, oasis and forest on its south side while sand/rock mounds in all shapes formed by years of wind erosion, line the north bank. The mounds have very irregular profiles and although they are mainly red, bands of red, white, black and yellow are also found in them.

Day 3 Burqin/Kanas
Sites Visited: Kanas Lake
Bus visit to Kanas Lake in the early morning and enjoy the boat cruise there.
The Kanas Lake is a magical and appealing place for all ages. Maybe the Kanas is an enchanting Mongolian name with meaning: a beautiful, abundant and mysterious lake in a gorge. The travelers called it as Switzerland in East or Camerists Heaven.

Day 4 Kanas/Burqin
Sites Visited: Hemu, The Tuwa Tribe Village
Hemu,a small village within the Kanas Lake area in the north of Xinjiang province, China, enjoy the untraversed snow mountain, icy lake, grassland and primitive Tuwa minority village whom lived there for thousand years.The Tuwa Tribe is a Mongolian tribe called Tuwa lives on the south bank of the Kanas Lake. Believing in Lamaism, it is a valiant ethic minority with a long history. Tuwa people speak Turkish, resembling the language of Kazakh, and live on hunting and graze.

Day 5 Burqin/Urumqi/Kashgar
Sites Visited: Ghost City
Morning drive to Urumqi, visit the Ghost City on the way. And fly to Kashgar from Urumqi.Ghost City is the most beautiful Yardan landform in this region. The movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" has left you a deep impression of the multi-colored bay where the heroine Ziyi was hidden, this special desert scene shot in the movie is located at the Gobi desert.

Day 6 Kashgar
Sites Visited: Karakul Lake
After breakfast, a drive along the China-Pakistan highway to visit the Karakul Lake.Karakul Lake is 3,600 m above sea level. The lake is a paradise of bonfire night parties for boy and girl khalkhas with tourists. The party is full of songs and dances, as well as good smell of roast lamb skewers.

Day 7 Kashgar/Turpan by Train
Sites Visited: Sunday Bazaar, Id Kah Mosque, Apak Hoja Tomb, Old Town
The Id Kah Mosque is a group of old Islamic constructions with strong ethnic style and religious features located on the central square in Kashgar City, Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region. Apak Hoja Tomb is the holiest place in Xinjiang. Built in 1640, it is reminiscent of the Central Asian artistic style of Samarkand or Isfahan.In the late afternoon, transfer to the train station, and take the soft sleeper in the overnight train to Turpan, the kingdom of grapes.

Day 8 Turpan
Sites Visited: Flaming Hill, Grape Valley
You will arrive in Turpan railway station at noon. Local tour guide will meet you and escort you to the hotel to check in. After lunch, you will visit the Flaming Hill and Grape Valley.

Day 9 Turpan
Sites Visited: Karez Irrigation System, Sugong Minaret, and Jiaohe Ruins
Karez Irrigation System is a unique irrigation system in Turpan, which, taking advantage of the slopes, draws the underground water to flow by itself to irrigate farmland. It consists of four parts: vertical wells, underground channels, ground canals and small reservoirs.The Sugong Pagoda, or Emin Minaret is a local Islamic building. At the time of some traditional festivals, Muslem people push their way to the Sugong Pagoda to pray for blessing just like a pilgrimage.

Day 10 Turpan/Urumqi
Sites Visited: Bezklik Grottoes, Astana Tombs,Tuyoq Valley
Bezklik Grottoes. "Bezklik" means "a place with beautiful decoration". These caves are first excavated in Qu`s Gaochang period. The excising caves were reconstructed by Uighur people.Tuyoq Valley,constructed in eastern and western cliffs in Tuyoq valley . more than 40 caves, there are 10 preserving murals. They are considered to be the earliest caves in Turpan, Murals are mostly damaged, but unique in style

Day 11 Urumqi
Sites Visited: Heavenly Lake
After breakfast ahead to Heavenly Lake, experience the local Kazak's lifestyle in the deep of Tianshan Mountain.Heavenly Lake, covering an area of about 5.9 square kilometers, has eight beautiful scenic spots in the lake scenic area; they are "A Ray of Stone Gate", "Dragon's Pool and Green Moon", "Magic Needle for Guarding the See", "Three Stones Bearing the Sky".

Day 12 Urumqi
Depart from the hotel after breakfast, and you will fly to your next destination.