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Korla Travel Guide

Korla is approximately 200km southwest from Urumai, at the south foot of Tianshan Mountain and northeast edge of Tarim Basin. Once as an important spot along Silk Road, Korla has a long history. It was known as Weili during the Han Dynasty. As early as Stone Age, human moved toward peacock river area. After the New China coming into existence, Korla was the working place of Bayingolin’ government department. In 1979, Korla was authorized to city grade.The area is dry with light rainfall and a high evaporation.

The land is higher in the north, sloping to the lower south in a fan-shaped oasis of fertility. The Kongque River has the whole of its course through the area. This tributary of the Tarim flows through the south of the urban area into the largest river basin in China, the Tarim Basin. To the north of Korla, there are the Tianshan Mountain’s branches-Kuluke Mountain and Hualashan Mountain, and to the south lies the Taklimakan Desert, the second-largest desert in the world.

With thousands of years of history, Korla was an important staging post in the middle of the Silk Road, because of the bottleneck of the Iron Gate Pass between Yanqi and Korla. It was set up as a county early in 1940, as a prefecture in 1954, and merged into the Bayin'guoleng Mongolia Autonomous prefecture in 1960. Finally, it was approved as a city in October 1979.Singing and dancing are integral parts of the local life and have been around for centuries. Influenced by the ancient Silk Road civilizations, the song-and-dance styles have developed their own unique charm. Uyghur traditional and folk dances are very popular here, including the Bowl Dance, Big Drum Dance, Hoop Dance, Puta Dance, and the Synime, Xiadiyana, Nazirkom and Maixilaipu dances.

Korla Airport has airlines to Beijing, Chengdu, Jinan and Qiemo. The airport is about 17km from the city center, buses from airport to the city center are available.Korla Railway Station is at the east end of Xinhua Road, offering trains to Urumqi, Turpan, Hami, Lanzhou, Xian and so on.National highway No.218 and other major roads in the city form a sound road system and link Korla to cities and tourist destinations in and around Xinjiang. The only red-brick road built in the desert also runs across the city.



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