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About Us

Gansu Tiayang Travel Service

Gansu Sun(Taiyang) Travel Service Professional to undertake customized tourism, tourism consulting, leisure and Vacation (island), domestic and international cruise, booking hotels and other services. Especially familiar with Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang and Japan Resources Market, at the same time within the country has a mature business partners. My travel agency mainly engaged in inbound tourism business, domestic tourism business, the booking of transport tickets, booking accommodation, accept the commission of Travel, inspection, meetings and other official activities (with a valid license to operate).

Mainly engaged in products:Attract and receive domestic citizens at home, foreign tourists inbound tourism.
Scope of business:The inbound tourism business; domestic tourism business; booking traffic tickets, booking accommodation; entrusted for travel, visits, meetings and other official activities.

Office address:2-607#,Shuizuo Building,No.154 South Jinchang Road, Chengguan District,Lanzhou City,Gansu Province,China.
Travel agency business license number: L-GS00077.
Business license number: 91620000710374154P.
Legal representative: Chang Lixin
Zip code: 730030
Area code: 620102


No.154 South Jinchang Road, Chengguan District,Lanzhou City,Gansu Province,China.
Telephone: 0086-28-13678193060 0086-28-61761437
WEB master E-mail:chengduguide@163.com